What to prepare for while parenting your teen?

troubled teen

It’s good to be prepared for anything, especially when it comes to managing different scenarios your son might encounter which can affect your life too. Such as … Teachers saying Continue reading

What advice can a mom give to her teenage son?


Do you remember the advice your mom gave you when you were your son’s age? Maybe it was something meaningful such as, “Go out there and do something you care Continue reading

Do you think you’re an “Askable” Parent?


Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I an askable parent?” If the answer is yes, your teen has no problem talking to you or expressing himself freely. But if you’re Continue reading

Teen not talking to you? Is he depressed?

depressed teenager, teenage sons

There are a lot of reasons your teenager isn’t talking to you. The most obvious is that he is developing independence and wants to make mistakes on his own. But, Continue reading