7 Tips: How to bond with your teen son.

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Give your teenager a high five. This basically means to offer your son some kind of physical touch. Everyday do something in the form of a high five, fist bump, Continue reading

Quick guide: How these 5 parent habits work?

Good parent habits

Use finesse. No one wants to be talked at or lectured. Your teenage son wants you to be sensitive to what he is going through. Do your best to understand Continue reading

5 ways to get cooperation from your teen?

getting your teen to cooperate

Getting your teenager to cooperate isn’t an easy task but important because you want them to help out. We’re getting right to the point today, below are 5 actionable ways Continue reading

Do you have the mindset to parent a troubled teen?

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Let’s be honest, sometimes we wonder if some people should be parents? We’ve all has some type of related thought. Some people just can’t deal with the everyday responsibilities of Continue reading

Why slow parenting your teen is a great idea?

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Hey everyone! We connected with Slowparentingteens.com to give you another resource to use while parenting your teenage son. We interviewed the founders and thought it would be a great idea Continue reading

How to get your teenager to help around the house.

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How to get my teenager to help around the house? It’s the question of the century it seems like. But for a lot of parents and teens it is a Continue reading