Teen not talking to you? Is he depressed?

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There are a lot of reasons your teenager isn’t talking to you. The most obvious is that he is developing independence and wants to make mistakes on his own. But, Continue reading

Does your teenage son have image issues?

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Body image is often cited as a major cause of anxiety for teenagers, but it is usually more associated with girls than with boys. However, male teenagers also feel pressured Continue reading

Quick tips to manage your teen while traveling.

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Ever have a problem traveling with your teenager? Well, the following are tips that can help parents manage their teens so you can enjoy traveling instead of arguing. 1. Watch Continue reading

How to Motivate Your Troubled Teen?


Troubled teens Being a teenager is a difficult period in anyone’s life, so it is only natural that to the parents it seems like teens are uninterested or unmotivated, however, Continue reading

Teenagers who ‘sext’ could land themselves on the ….

Parenting teenagers

Sex offenders’ register. Well, at least in Nottinghamshire England. Police in Nottinghamshire have “gave concerns” over the amount of teens sending naked pictures to each other through social media and Continue reading

Parenting Quotes

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“Don’t go it alone. Chances are good that you’ve been trying to be both Mom and Dad. Stop. You can only be a really good mom, and that’s enough for Continue reading